Nepali Director Vinod Paudel Commences Shooting of ‘The World’s Happiest Man’ in the USA

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Kathmandu, Jan 9: Renowned director Vinod Paudel, recipient of the National Film Award for Best Director for his debut film ‘Bulbul’, has initiated the production of his second movie. Titled ‘Bhuthan’ in Nepali and ‘The World’s Happiest Man’ in English, the filming commenced on January 23 in the picturesque surroundings of Ohio, USA.

Paudel shared that Hollywood actor Bruce Dern is set to feature in the film alongside a stellar cast including Harivansh Acharya, Dayahang Rai, Joyce Pandey, Anuradha Mazumdar, Pooja Chandalama, Richa Ghimire, and others.

“The story we presented impressed him, and he is enthusiastic about being a part of the project. Collaborating with a renowned Hollywood actor will also provide insights into their working style,” expressed Director Paudel. “We are working hard to make this film globally impactful and bring Nepali cinema to international audiences.”

While recent reports have highlighted Indian actors joining Nepali films, this marks a significant development with Hollywood actors participating in Nepali film projects. ‘Bhuthan’ explores the patriotic journey of a Bhutanese individual living in America, spanning from Bhutan to India and Nepal. The film’s script garnered attention at the Busan International Film Festival’s script pitching session in 2019.

Director Poudel revealed that the movie aims to portray a universally resonant story, backed by strong narrative elements that can appeal to audiences worldwide. Emphasizing the need to understand and appreciate the story of Bhutanese refugees, Paudel chose this subject as part of his commitment to presenting impactful social narratives. The film will feature cinematography by Susan Prajapati, editing by Anjay Khadka, sound creation by Dikesh Khadgi Shahi, and art direction by Anjan Gajurel.

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