Heartwarming Celebration: Bhutanese Refugee Children Receive Surprise Birthday Gifts Online

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Jhapa, Feb 18: In a heartwarming event on Sunday morning, the children of the Early Childhood Development Center in the Bhutanese refugee camp at Beldangi, Jhapa, were filled with joy as they celebrated their birthdays together. Organized by the Global Bhutanese Organization, the group birthday celebration program for children born in February was broadcasted live online via Sagoon App’s ‘Live Celebration,’ eliciting an unexpected outpouring of gifts from viewers worldwide.

A representative of Sagoon shared that over 60 gifts were received during the live streaming, including desktop computers, textbooks for the new academic session, stationery materials, and school bags. Sagoon app served as a convenient platform for viewers to send their heartfelt gifts to the children.

The founder and CEO of Sagoon emphasized that the platform not only facilitates sharing emotional moments online but also enables individuals to express their wishes and fulfill them for others, fostering a sense of community and kindness.

During the program, the children showcased various cultural performances, captivating audiences around the globe through the online app. The celebration culminated in cutting a cake to commemorate the birthdays of the children born in February, marking a moment of joy and solidarity among the Bhutanese refugee community and their supporters worldwide.

Those who want to support the charity work of the Global Bhutanese Organization can go to the organization’s website by clicking here.

Organizations who want to raise non-profit support through Sagoon’s live celebration program can contact Muna Basnet, NGO Project Manager of Sagoon at muna.basnet@sagoon.com or contact number 9801981602.

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