British Development Minister Meets Nepali Prime Minister

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Kathmandu, Feb 20: During his visit to Nepal, British Development Minister Andrew Mitchell engaged in a productive courtesy meeting with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda.’ The meeting, held at the office of the Prime Minister and the Council of Ministers, centered on bilateral interests, mutual cooperation, and various dimensions of development.

Prime Minister Dahal extended a warm welcome to Minister Mitchell and expressed gratitude for the ongoing partnership between Nepal and Britain. He particularly emphasized the importance of British support in sending investors to Nepal for an upcoming investment conference scheduled for the coming Baisakh. Prime Minister Dahal also conveyed his optimism regarding addressing the demands of British Gurkha soldiers through bilateral discussions, foreseeing positive outcomes in the near future.

As a testament to the strengthening ties between the two nations, Nepal and Britain signed agreements pertaining to ‘Green Growth Nepal’ and ‘Nepal in Business’ during the visit. Minister Mitchell reiterated the UK’s commitment to providing further support for Nepal’s socio-economic development and expressed a willingness to collaborate closely on tackling climate change challenges.

The meeting was attended by Prime Minister’s Foreign Affairs Adviser Dr. Rupak Sapkota, British Ambassador to Nepal Rowe Finn, officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and other high-ranking representatives from both countries. The discussions held underscored the shared commitment to fostering cooperation and advancing development agendas for the mutual benefit of Nepal and Britain.

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