Protesters Demand Resignation of Minister Over Child Girl Incident

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Kathmandu, Feb 21: Members of the UML party took to the streets near Aneraswaviyu, staging a demonstration demanding the resignation of Physical Infrastructure and Transport Minister Prakash Jwala.

The protest, which took place in front of Trichandra College in Ghantaghar, Kathmandu, saw participants calling for Minister Jwala’s immediate resignation or dismissal by the Prime Minister. They echoed chants such as “Put Prakash Jwala to justice, publish the report of child girl incident.”

President of ANERASWAVIU, Samik Badal, expressed concern that the report of the child girl incident was being concealed to protect the guilty minister. He vowed to continue the protests until Minister Jwala is removed from office.

The government had set up an inquiry commission to investigate the truth behind the Bal Kumari incident. The commission submitted its report to Prime Minister Prachanda, who has promised that those responsible will face consequences after a thorough examination of the report.

The demand for accountability extends beyond Minister Jwala, as protests over issues such as the examination form filling resulted in casualties. Birendra Shah of Achham and Sujan Rawat of Dailekh lost their lives during a protest at the EPS Korea branch office in Balkumari, Lalitpur. In response, the government initiated another commission to investigate the tragic incident.

As tensions persist, the public continues to call for transparency and justice from the government, urging swift action in addressing grievances and holding those responsible accountable.

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