Tragic Road Accident Claims 15 Lives in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh

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Lucknow, Feb 24: In a devastating incident, at least 15 individuals lost their lives in a major road accident in Kasganj, Uttar Pradesh. The tragedy unfolded when a tractor carrying pilgrims, who had journeyed to bathe in the Ganga, overturned into a pond.

Among the casualties are reported to be 7 children and 8 women, with security officials expressing concern that the death toll may rise further as the situation unfolds.

Reports suggest that the accident occurred as the tractor, laden with devotees, swerved out of control while attempting to avoid an oncoming vehicle. The vehicle veered off the road, plunging into the pond and resulting in a significant loss of life.

The accident has left numerous others critically injured, with four children in critical condition and promptly transported to the hospital for urgent medical attention. The occupants of the ill-fated tractor hailed from Chhota Kasa village in Jaithra police station and were en route to Kadarganj Gangaghat in Patiali, Kasganj, to partake in the Magh Purnima rituals by bathing in the Ganges.

This heart-wrenching incident unfolded near Garhai village on the Dariyawaganj Patiali road. Local authorities and emergency responders are actively engaged in rescue and treatment efforts to mitigate further losses and provide necessary medical assistance to the injured.

The community mourns the loss of lives in this tragic accident, underscoring the need for enhanced safety measures on roads and heightened vigilance during festive occasions and religious gatherings. As investigations continue into the circumstances surrounding the accident, the focus remains on providing support to the affected families and ensuring swift action to prevent such tragedies in the future.

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