Significant Progress Made on Nepalgunj-Gularia Hula Road Expansion: 57% Completion Achieved Within One Year

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Banke,Feb 27: The expansion work on the Nepalgunj-Gularia Hula road has reached a significant milestone, with completion now standing at 57 percent within just one year. This development marks a substantial achievement in the ongoing efforts to enhance transportation infrastructure in the region.

The project, encompassing the extension of a 11.60 km four-lane and a 16.2 km two-lane road, totaling 27.62 km, was initiated on December 27, 2082, with a scheduled completion period of three years. Leela Bahadur Bhandari, Head of the Nepalgunj Directorate of Postal Highways Planning Office, provided insights, stating that the rapid progress indicates the potential for completion well ahead of schedule, provided timely payments are made for the work.

The construction company overseeing the Nepalgunj-Gularia road extension project, undertaken at a cost of Rs. 2 billion 78 crore 29 lakh, excluding value-added tax, remains committed to expedited completion, contingent on prompt payment disbursement. Managing Director Ramesh Sharma emphasized that adhering to payment schedules would facilitate timely project culmination.

Sharma further revealed that substantial headway has been made in road paving, with approximately 20 kilometers completed within the current year alone. Despite the significant progress, challenges persist, with only half of the 27 percent physical progress of the Nepalgunj-Gularia road expansion work being compensated.

According to Bhandari, a pending payment amounting to Rs. 44 crore remains unsettled, potentially impeding ongoing construction plans. The delay in budget allocation threatens to disrupt the project’s momentum, highlighting the critical need for timely financial disbursements to ensure seamless progress.

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