Beni Municipality in Myagdi Enforces Ban on Hookah

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Myagdi, Feb 29: In a proactive move to protect public health, the Beni municipality area of Myagdi has recently imposed a ban on hookah consumption within its vicinity.

The decision, which came into effect on Wednesday, encompasses a comprehensive prohibition on the sale and consumption of hookah. This action follows concerns regarding the detrimental impact of hookah tobacco on public health, particularly among the youth.

Mayor Surat KC revealed that the ban was enacted subsequent to discussions held during the city executive meeting on January 25th. It was unanimously agreed upon that curtailing access to hookah is imperative to safeguard the well-being of the community.

The municipality has issued a public notice reiterating the ban and emphasizing its commitment to upholding public health standards. The decision to prohibit hookah aligns with the provisions outlined in the Local Government Operation Act 2074, which empowers municipalities to enact measures for the betterment of their communities.

Netra Paudel, Chief Administrative Officer, underscored the municipality’s resolve to enforce the ban rigorously. Any violations of the ban will be met with strict penalties, including confiscation of hookah-related paraphernalia and legal repercussions.

Furthermore, the municipality has announced plans to conduct awareness programs in collaboration with local authorities and community stakeholders to educate residents about the risks associated with hookah consumption. This multifaceted approach aims to discourage the use of hookah and promote healthier lifestyle choices among residents.

The decision to ban hookah follows extensive consultations with community leaders, hoteliers, and restaurant owners, reflecting a concerted effort to address public health concerns collaboratively.

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