Pakistan Responds to Allegations Regarding Ship From China to Pakistan

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Kathmandu, Mar 3: Following the interception of a ship from China bound for Pakistan at Mumbai port, Pakistan has issued a response to the allegations leveled against it.

Indian agencies have claimed that the ship was carrying materials necessary for nuclear and ballistic missile programs. However, Pakistan has vehemently denied these allegations, dismissing them as baseless propaganda.

In a statement, Pakistan’s foreign ministry condemned what it described as a habitual misrepresentation of facts by the Indian media. The ministry clarified that the consignment aboard the ship consisted of lathe machines imported by a Karachi-based company, which supplies parts to automobile companies in Pakistan. Emphasizing the commercial nature of the transaction, Pakistan stated that all relevant documentation had been conducted transparently through established banking channels.

The spokesperson for Pakistan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemned India’s actions as illegal, underscoring Pakistan’s commitment to peaceful and lawful trade practices.

Last January, Indian security agencies halted the ship, bound for Karachi port in Pakistan, after receiving intelligence regarding suspicious cargo. Customs authorities alleged that the shipment contained items related to Pakistan’s nuclear program.

The incident has escalated tensions between the two neighboring countries, with both sides exchanging accusations and assertions. Pakistan continues to assert its innocence, emphasizing the legitimate commercial nature of the shipment and calling for a transparent investigation into the matter.

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