NEPSE Index Sees Double-Digit Increase Amid Market Activity

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Kathmandu, Mar 17: The Nepalese Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed a notable surge, reflected in a double-digit increase in its index.

On Sunday’s trading session, the NEPSE index soared by 10.62 points, closing at a robust 2070.25 points, showcasing positive market sentiment.

The day saw active trading, with 84,06,076 shares of 304 companies changing hands, resulting in a substantial turnover of NPR 3,879.80 million.

Market dynamics indicated mixed performance among listed companies, with share prices of 84 companies experiencing gains, while 150 companies faced declines. Meanwhile, the share prices of 10 companies remained stable, contributing to the overall market movement.

Investors and analysts are closely monitoring market trends, anticipating further developments and adjusting their strategies accordingly in response to the evolving market conditions.

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