Ancient Structures Dating Back 2,200 Years Unearthed in Kichkavadh, Bhadrapur Municipality

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Jhapa, Mar 24:Exciting archaeological discoveries have been made in Kichkavadh, a site dating back to the Mahabharata period, located in Bhadrapur Municipality-3, Prithvinagar. The Department of Archaeology has confirmed the presence of five buildings that are approximately 2,200 years old, shedding light on the rich historical heritage of the region.

Archaeologist Uddhav Acharya, leading the excavation efforts, revealed that among the discoveries were a very large building situated in the northeast of the excavation site, a smaller building to its south, another building with a sentry position on the northwest side, and an additional large building slightly west of the first one. Further exploration also uncovered five more buildings located about 200 feet to the south, including a two-story structure believed to have housed security personnel.

Acharya emphasized the historical significance of the site, suggesting that the excavation indicates a history dating back to the Buddha period. He highlighted the need for conservation efforts, including the removal of trees from the excavation area, relocation of the statue commemorating the Kichak incident, restriction of vehicle access to the heritage site, and overall protection of the historical structures.

The ongoing excavation, expected to conclude next year, marks the seventh such effort in the area. The Department of Archaeology first conducted excavations in 2058 under Acharya’s leadership, continuing the exploration of this ancient site.

The discovery of these ancient structures provides valuable insights into the cultural and architectural heritage of the region, offering a glimpse into its past during significant historical periods like the Mahabharata and Buddha eras. As efforts to preserve and study these findings continue, they contribute to a deeper understanding of Nepal’s rich history and heritage for future generations to appreciate.

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