UN Security Forces in Lebanon Attacked, Israel Denies Involvement

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Kathmandu, Mar 31: A troubling incident has unfolded in Lebanon as United Nations security forces patrolling on foot were attacked, resulting in injuries to at least three international security forces and their translator. The attack occurred near the team, causing concern and condemnation from UNIFIL, the United Nations Mission in Lebanon.

UNIFIL confirmed the attack and expressed its outrage, emphasizing that targeting UN peacekeepers is unacceptable. While initial reports suggested that the peacekeepers were injured in an Israeli attack, the Israeli military has vehemently denied any involvement in the incident.

In a statement issued on its official Telegram channel, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) stated, “Israel did not attack UN peacekeepers in the Ramis area this morning.” The IDF also highlighted the ongoing conflict dynamics, citing escalated violence between Israel and the Lebanese extremist group Hezbollah in the Gaza region.

Reuters, citing its sources, confirmed the injuries to the peacekeepers but did not assign blame directly. However, sources linked to Hezbollah have accused Israel of carrying out the attack. UNIFIL is actively gathering more information to ascertain the origin and nature of the attack.

The incident underscores the complexities and tensions in the region, particularly amidst the ongoing conflict dynamics involving Israel, Hezbollah, and other regional stakeholders. The safety and security of UN peacekeepers remain paramount, and efforts are underway to investigate the attack thoroughly and ensure accountability for those responsible.

As developments unfold, the international community closely monitors the situation in Lebanon, emphasizing the need for restraint, dialogue, and adherence to international law to prevent further escalation of hostilities and promote peace in the region.

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