63 Climbers Obtain Permits to Scale Mount Everest in Spring Season

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Kathmandu, Mar 24: The spring climbing season on Mount Everest has kicked off with 63 climbers securing climbing permits to conquer the world’s highest peak. The Department of Tourism has reported that among the climbers, there are 13 women and 50 men organized into five different groups who have received permission for the challenging ascent.

Chun Bahadur Tamang, Branch Officer of the Mountaineering Branch at the Tourism Department, provided insights into the climbing permits issued this season. A total of 148 individuals from 17 climbing groups have obtained permits to scale various mountains, including Mount Everest. The revenue generated from these climbing permits has reached Rs 10 crore 55 lakh 91 thousand, highlighting the significance of mountaineering tourism in Nepal.

The department’s statement also revealed that three other climbing groups, besides those targeting Mount Everest, have received a significant number of permits for mountain expeditions during this period.

Spring is the prime climbing season for Mount Everest, attracting a substantial number of climbers eager to test their skills and conquer the iconic peak. Last year, 478 climbers were granted permits for Mount Everest during the spring season, and the department expects a similar turnout this year.

As climbers embark on their journeys, safety and environmental conservation remain paramount concerns for authorities and mountaineering organizations. Nepal’s Himalayan peaks continue to draw adventurers from around the world, contributing to the country’s tourism sector while showcasing the unparalleled beauty and challenges of the Himalayas.

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