Rising Cold and Flu Cases Amid Changing Weather, Ministry of Health Urges Vigilance

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Kathmandu, Apr 2:As the weather transitions, a surge in patients exhibiting symptoms of the coronavirus has been noted by healthcare professionals. Doctors have highlighted that alongside the change in weather, cases of cold, fever, and flu have become more prevalent among the population.

Dr. Prakash Budhathoki, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Health and Population, has reported 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection within the past week. These cases are primarily traced back to individuals arriving from India, particularly in the Far West Province of Nepal.

Dr. Yuvanidhi Basaula, Director of Shukraraj Tropical and Communicable Disease Hospital, emphasized that while patients with cold and fever symptoms are seeking medical attention, there is no substantiated evidence of a coronavirus outbreak within the hospital.

“At present, three infected individuals are receiving intensive care unit (ICU) treatment, while two others are under regular care,” stated Dr. Basaula. He also mentioned that while other hospitals do not have isolation facilities for coronavirus patients, some cases are directed to Teku Hospital.

Dr. Budhathoki reiterated the importance of remaining vigilant, especially with the emergence of the new JN-1 variant of the coronavirus in India. Although there has been an increase in flu cases due to seasonal changes, the risk of coronavirus transmission remains for unvaccinated individuals, the chronically ill, and the elderly population.

He urged the public to continue adhering to health precautions, including vaccination, wearing masks, practicing good hygiene, and maintaining social distancing. The Ministry of Health and Population remains committed to monitoring the situation closely and providing necessary guidance to mitigate the spread of the virus and protect public health.

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