Water Supply Challenges Emerge as River Channels Dry Up in Kathmandu Valley

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Kathmandu, Apr 2: As the hot winter sun intensifies, parts of Nepal, including the Kathmandu Valley, are grappling with water supply issues due to dried-up river channels. This sudden water scarcity has become a pressing concern, particularly in settlements within the Kathmandu Valley region.

While the supply of Melamchi drinking water within the Kathmandu Valley’s ring road remains relatively stable, areas like Gokarneshwar, where Melamchi and Sundarijal water pipelines are laid, are experiencing severe water shortages. Concerned about the situation, Water Minister Ram Kumar Rai recently met with MPs, local municipality heads, consumer protection representatives, and stakeholders to address the growing problem.

MPs, including Santosh Chalise and Shanti Shrestha, emphasized the urgency of resolving the water crisis, especially for those areas where water pipelines have been laid but are not effectively supplying water to residents. They highlighted the plight of residents who provided land for pipeline infrastructure yet face acute water scarcity.

Officials from Gokarneshwar municipality, Deepak Risal, and Sannani Lama, highlighted the challenges stemming from coordination issues and limited budget allocations for infrastructure development and maintenance.

Residents and representatives from Gokarneshwar-1 to 5 (Sundarijal) and 6 to 9 (Melamchi) urged Minister Rai to expedite solutions to ensure reliable water supply. In response, Minister Rai assured collaborative efforts with Kathmandu Valley Water Supply Limited and relevant stakeholders to address the water supply challenges effectively.

As discussions continue and efforts are made to enhance coordination and infrastructure, the government is committed to finding sustainable solutions to alleviate water scarcity issues and ensure access to clean drinking water for all residents in the Kathmandu Valley region.

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