Supreme Court Orders Detention of Judge Bhuvan Giri in Marital Rape Case

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Kathmandu, Apr 3: In a significant development, the Supreme Court of Nepal has issued an order for Judge Bhuvan Giri, accused of marital rape, to be remanded in custody.

The decision was made on Wednesday by a bench comprising Judges Hari Phuyal and Til Prasad Shrestha, overturning previous rulings by the District Court Kathmandu and the High Court Patan, which had granted bail to Judge Giri.

The case revolves around a complaint filed by Judge Giri’s wife, alleging marital rape. Following the complaint, Giri was arrested, and an investigation into the matter commenced.

During the court proceedings on Wednesday, an unexpected incident occurred when Justice Giri’s wife, Aarti, who was presenting her arguments before the Supreme Court bench, consumed a suspicious substance. Prompt action was taken, and she was swiftly taken to Veer Hospital for medical treatment. Reports indicate that her condition is currently stable.

The Supreme Court’s decision to detain Judge Bhuvan Giri underscores the seriousness of the allegations and the importance of ensuring a fair and thorough investigation into cases of sexual violence, including within marital relationships. The case has drawn attention to the legal and societal issues surrounding such sensitive matters, highlighting the need for justice and accountability in addressing instances of sexual assault and abuse.

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