Mobile Phones Seized in SEE Exam Cheating Returned to Students in Rautahat

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Rautahat, Apr 6: Following widespread allegations of digital cheating in the Secondary Education Examination (SEE), the District Administration Office in Rautahat has taken steps to return confiscated mobile phones to the concerned students. In response to protests on social media regarding rampant cheating during the SEE exams, authorities in Rautahat seized approximately 3,000 mobile phones from various examination centers across the district.

In a meeting held at the district administration office, the confiscated mobile phones were distributed to the respective students through local police stations. The Chandranigapur Area Police Office facilitated the return of the seized mobile phones to the students, ensuring that each device reached its rightful owner.

The crackdown on digital cheating comes amid concerns over the misuse of technology to gain unfair advantages in examinations. Previous years saw allegations of teachers aiding students in cheating by allowing them to use mobile phones to access exam materials. This year, authorities intensified efforts to curb cheating by seizing mobile phones from students suspected of attempting to cheat during the SEE exams.

Investigations revealed that many private educational institutions in Rautahat district were involved in facilitating digital cheating during the exams. Parents expressed disappointment over the unethical practices, emphasizing the importance of education integrity over passing exams through dishonest means. Allegations of private schools orchestrating cheating schemes further fueled outrage among parents and local communities.

The return of confiscated mobile phones marks a significant step in addressing the issue of exam malpractice and promoting a fair and transparent examination system in Rautahat. Authorities continue to monitor examination centers and enforce strict measures to uphold the integrity of academic assessments across the district.

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