Chitwan Faces Health Hazards as Air Pollution Rises Due to Fires and Construction

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Chitwan, Apr 9: The environment in Chitwan has deteriorated significantly due to a rise in dust and fumes stemming from fires, infrastructure construction, vehicles, and factories. The dry season has exacerbated forest fires, with burning being used for grassland management in some areas.

Dr. Prateek Neupane, a physician at Bharatpur Hospital, noted that the atmospheric effects of the fires are causing breathing problems, particularly for asthma patients. He warned of potential long-term health risks, including asthma development in children, and advised measures such as staying hydrated, consuming light meals, and wearing masks when outdoors.

Ophthalmologist Prof. Dr. Sunu Dulal of Bharatpur Akhan Hospital highlighted eye-related issues caused by atmospheric pollution, such as burning and dryness. Dr. Dulal cautioned against rubbing the eyes, as it could lead to injury or blindness, and recommended wearing glasses and regularly washing the eyes with clean water.

In response to the escalating fires, Chitwan National Park has urged residents to take precautions to prevent further damage to the environment and local livelihoods. Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, the park’s information officer, mentioned ongoing efforts to control the fires, including awareness campaigns, fire line construction, and readiness of firefighting equipment.

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