Rising Summer Heat Fuels Increase in Forest Fires in Baglung District

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Kathmandu, Apr 10: As the summer heat intensifies, Baglung District is witnessing a surge in forest fires, posing significant challenges to local authorities and communities. Reports from police indicate a rise in fire incidents across all 10 local levels of the district, affecting both community and government forests.

In response to the escalating fires, Chief of Division Forest Office Baglung, Saroj Panthi, was spotted leading efforts to contain a blaze in the forest area around Kathekhola, spanning Baglung Municipality-3 and 9. Forest personnel, along with police and local residents, were mobilized to combat the spreading fire, which threatened nearby settlements.

Throughout Tuesday, over a dozen fires were reported in various forest areas of the district, with some brought under control while others continued to spread. Panthi attributed the surge in fires to the onset of summer, noting that most of Baglung’s 540 community forests have been affected.

The increasing fires have led to a rise in air pollution, enveloping Baglung in smoke and endangering both human settlements and forest biodiversity. Many incidents were attributed to human negligence, highlighting the need for enhanced public awareness and prevention measures.

In a recent incident on Monday, a fire in Nunthala community forest resulted in the destruction of local sheds and homes in Tarakhola-2 Sile. The blaze claimed livestock and property, underscoring the devastating impact of forest fires on communities and livelihoods.

As the fires continue to ravage forested areas, authorities are urging vigilance and cooperation from residents to mitigate the risk of further damage and loss. Efforts to control the fires and protect valuable forest resources remain ongoing amidst the challenging conditions of the summer season.

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