Simon Harris Elected as Ireland’s Youngest Prime Minister

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Kathmandu, Apr 10: Ireland’s ruling Fine Gael party has chosen Simon Harris, aged 37, as the nation’s newest Prime Minister, making him the youngest to hold the position. His election comes after the resignation of former Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. Harris secured 88 votes in support from the Irish Parliament, along with backing from coalition partners and independent MPs.

Having previously served as Minister for Higher Education under Varadkar’s government, Harris expressed pride in his new role and pledged to work tirelessly for the country’s citizens. He emphasized his commitment to representing all sectors of society and striving to fulfill their aspirations.

Harris has had a rapid political rise since joining Fine Gael at 16, becoming a councilor at 22 and an MP at 24, earning recognition as the youngest MP in Ireland. His ministerial appointments, including as Minister of Health in 2016 and later Minister of Higher Education in 2020, have prepared him for the challenges ahead.

As Prime Minister, Harris faces significant challenges such as addressing the refugee crisis and homelessness. Another crucial task will be assembling his cabinet, especially with parliamentary elections looming next year, making his tenure approximately one year.

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