Makwanpur Dairy Farmers Threaten Strike Over Unpaid Dues

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Hetauda, Apr 11: The Makwanpur District Milk Producers Cooperative Association has raised concerns over unpaid dues totaling Rs 480 million from the dairy industry. Warning of a potential strike, the union demands timely payment to farmers.

According to the agreement reached last February between the Central Dairy Cooperative Association, the Dairy Development Institute, and private dairies, payments for milk supplied until December 21 were to be settled. However, the union alleges that the agreed-upon payments have not been made, prompting dissatisfaction among dairy farmers.

Hari Prasad Kandel, the union’s president, emphasizes the need for adherence to the payment schedule outlined in the agreement. He calls for the prompt settlement of outstanding dues by the end of March, along with continued payment arrangements for future milk deliveries. Kandel further advocates for ongoing support measures, including subsidies for dairy farmers and provisions for animal insurance through cooperatives.

Expressing frustration with government and private dairy industry indifference towards farmers’ concerns, Chairman Kandel asserts the need for decisive action. He urges dairy farmers to prepare for collective agitation, highlighting the union’s communication of these grievances to Bagmati Province’s Minister of Water Supply, Energy, and Irrigation, Ekalal Shrestha. Minister Shrestha, having been elected from the region, is implored to address the pressing issues faced by dairy farmers.

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