Thamel and Durbar Marg to Operate 24/7, Boosting Tourism and Employment

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Kathmandu, Apr 11: In a bid to enhance tourism and create job opportunities, Thamel and Darbar Marg, prominent tourist hubs in Kathmandu, will operate round the clock starting from May 1st. The decision was announced during a press conference held jointly by the Thamel Tourism Development Council and the Durbar Marg Development Board.

Chairman Bhaviswar Sharma highlighted the objective of this initiative, emphasizing the need to stimulate economic activities and generate employment in Thamel. He reassured business owners of the support from local, state, and central government security agencies to ensure a smooth transition to 24-hour operations. Sharma noted that this move would benefit approximately 8,500 businessmen and provide employment opportunities to around 60,000 individuals in Thamel.

Sanjay Adhikari, Chairman of the Durbar Marg Development Board, echoed Sharma’s sentiments, emphasizing the importance of making Thamel and Darbar Marg attractive destinations for both local and international tourists. Adhikari disclosed that efforts to implement 24-hour operations in Darbar Marg had been ongoing for some time, and the recent success would lead to employment for 200 businessmen and approximately 6,000 individuals in the area spanning from Mahendra Shalik to Narayanhiti Durbar Museum.

Both Sharma and Adhikari expressed confidence that the initiative, starting in Thamel and Darbar Marg, would set a precedent for other cities across the country to follow suit, ultimately fostering a more tourist-friendly environment and yielding a favorable return on investment.

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