Nepal Stock Exchange Witnesses Mixed Trends with Overall Decrease

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Kathmandu, Apr 14: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) index experienced mixed trends today, ultimately witnessing a slight decrease. The NEPSE index decreased by 2.35 points, settling at 2023.35 points.

Trading activity remained active, with a total of 7795,033 shares of 320 companies being bought and sold. The total number of shares traded amounted to 59,042, with a total value of NPR 3,637,072,652.

While share prices in sectors such as finance, hydro, microfinance, and trading saw an increase, sub-indices in other groups observed a decline.

Bahdi Creative Microfinance shares registered positive circuit movements, while Gurans Microfinance shares experienced negative circuits.

Among the transactions, Sanima Hydro shares recorded the highest transaction amount, totaling NPR 214.7 million 89 thousand.

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