Nagadhunga Tunnel Breakthrough Marks New Era in Nepali Infrastructure Development

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Kathmandu, Apr 15: Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal “Prachanda” led the historic breakthrough of the much-anticipated Nagadhunga tunnel, signaling a significant milestone in Nepal’s infrastructure development. Although the tunnel’s full operation is slated for over a year, experts believe this marks the beginning of a new phase in enhancing transportation efficiency nationwide.

Sushilbabu Dhakal, Director General of the Road Department, emphasized the shift towards prioritizing robust and seamless road networks to facilitate easier access for citizens. With the Nagadhunga tunnel initiation, attention now turns to expediting the construction of other crucial tunnels across the country, such as the Siddhababa tunnel and the Bhirkot tunnel in Baglung.

While shorter tunnels are relatively manageable, longer tunnels require meticulous planning and substantial investment due to various considerations, including security, oxygen supply, and air conditioning.

The completion of the Nagadhunga tunnel is expected to significantly reduce travel time and alleviate traffic congestion, demonstrating Nepal’s growing capability in tunnel construction and technology transfer. The nation’s mountainous terrain makes tunnels an indispensable asset, offering direct connectivity and substantial savings in time and fuel consumption.

Dr. Bhola Ghimire, a senior engineer involved in tunnel design, highlighted the newfound confidence among Nepalis in tunnel construction, marking a departure from earlier uncertainties.

Moving forward, Nepal aims to transition from estimated timelines to fixed schedules, ensuring efficient tunnel construction and operation. Key considerations include continuous oxygen supply, lighting, communication systems, and fire safety measures. Rigorous monitoring and emergency response mechanisms are crucial to ensure the safety and security of tunnel users.

As Nepal continues to enhance its infrastructure landscape, the successful completion of the Nagadhunga tunnel sets a promising precedent for future developments, underscoring the nation’s commitment to modernizing its transportation infrastructure.

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