Abandoned Gold Haul Discovered at Tribhuvan International Airport

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Kathmandu, Apr 18: In a surprising turn of events, a significant stash of gold weighing approximately one kilogram and 70 grams was discovered abandoned at Tribhuvan International Airport.

Krishnahari Sharma, Senior Superintendent of Police at the Tribhuvan International Airport Security Office, revealed that the gold was found discarded on the floor between seats 27 and 28 of Indigo Air flight 6E1151. The flight, arriving from Delhi, had made a scheduled stop at the airport for an international connection.

Upon inspection, authorities uncovered a total of 3 Sikri, 6 pieces of gold biscuits, two triangular-shaped yellow metal pieces resembling gold, and two small rings connecting the Sikri. The collective weight of the discovered gold items amounted to the aforementioned one kilogram and 70 grams.

The circumstances surrounding the abandonment of such a valuable cache remain under investigation, leaving authorities puzzled as they work to unravel the mystery behind this unusual discovery.

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