NEPSE Index Continues to Decline: Investors Face Volatility

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Kathmandu, Apr 18: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed another day of decline, with the NEPSE index dropping by 19.56 points to 1,972.14. This downward trend reflects ongoing volatility in the stock market.

Similarly, the sensitive index, which gauges the performance of larger companies, experienced a decrease of 3.04 points, settling at 350.47. Amidst this downturn, a total of 53,44,613 shares were traded, amounting to a total value of NPR 2,936,127,792.

Leading the transactions, Gurkhaj Finance topped the charts with transactions worth NPR 178,285,441. Following closely, Suryajyoti Life Insurance recorded transactions worth NPR 105,137,679, while Pokhara Finance, Shivam Cement, and Himalayan Reinsurance rounded out the top five with transactions valued at NPR 73,755,646, NPR 54,519,123, and NPR 53,349,500 respectively.

Despite the overall decline, some companies saw gains, with Khanikhola Hydropower leading the pack with an increase of 7.94%. Other gainers included Pokhara Finance (6.21%), NIC Asia Growth Fund (5.71%), Madhya Bhotekoshi Hydropower Company (5.70%), and People’s Power investors (5.59%).

However, not all investors were fortunate, as some faced losses. Investors of Ruru Hydropower Project experienced the steepest decline, with a loss of 9.99%. Similarly, investors of Gurkhaz Finance (9.39%), Civil Bank’s bond (8.89%), CYC Nepal Microfinance (6.12%), and SBL bond (5.84%) also suffered losses.

The fluctuating market conditions underscore the importance of careful analysis and strategic decision-making for investors navigating the Nepali stock market.

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