Students Unite: Voices Raised for Peace Amidst Gaza Conflict

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Kathmandu, Apr 23: In recent days, campuses across the United States have become hubs of activism as students raise their voices in solidarity with those affected by the conflict in Gaza. From New York University to Yale University and beyond, young people are coming together to express their concerns and advocate for peace.

At New York University, police intervened as students gathered for a demonstration on Monday night, resulting in several arrests. Similarly, at Yale University, dozens of students were detained during protests. The atmosphere has been tense, with emotions running high as students make their voices heard.

These protests come amidst a backdrop of escalating violence in Gaza following clashes between Hamas and Israel. The conflict has sparked passionate debate on college campuses, with students expressing a range of opinions on the situation.

While some students express support for Israel, others are critical of its actions in Gaza. The diversity of perspectives reflects the complex nature of the conflict and the deeply held beliefs of those involved.

US President Joe Biden has weighed in on the protests, condemning any form of anti-Semitism while also acknowledging the need for understanding and empathy towards the plight of Palestinians.

Last week, protests at Columbia University made headlines as over 100 demonstrators were arrested by New York City police. The scenes of activism on college campuses serve as a reminder of the power of young people to effect change and advocate for peace in times of conflict.

As the Gaza conflict continues to unfold, students are determined to keep the conversation alive and push for a resolution that brings an end to the suffering of innocent civilians. Their voices may be diverse, but their message is clear: peace must prevail.

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