NEPSE Sees Marginal Increase in Points

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Kathmandu, Apr 24: The Nepal Stock Exchange (NEPSE) witnessed a slight increase in points on Wednesday, as it rose by 0.15 points to settle at 1969.17 points.

Similarly, the sensitive index also saw a modest increase of 0.17 percent. Trading activity remained active, with 72,84,272 shares of 313 companies being traded 36,383 times, amounting to a total turnover of NPR 2,053,640,998.

Positive trends were observed in certain sectors, with Pokhara Finance’s shares experiencing a positive circuit. Notable gains were also seen in Gurans Laghubitta Financial, which increased by 9.92%, and Support Micro Finance Financial Institution, which rose by 7.55%. However, Mai Khola Hydro witnessed the most significant decrease in share price, declining by 7.84 percent.

While the sub-indices of three groups remained positive, others experienced negative trends, with the finance group sub-index registering a notable increase of 2.44 percent.

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