Nepal Introduces New Map on Rs 100 Note: Cabinet Decisions Recap

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Kathmandu, May 3: The Nepalese government has made several significant decisions, including the introduction of a new map on the Rs 100 note. During a press conference at Singha Darbar on Friday, Government Spokesperson Rekha Sharma announced that the cabinet has authorized the Nepal Rastra Bank to update the design of the Rs 100 note, replacing the old map with the new one.

Additionally, the cabinet meeting approved the transfer of six gazetted special category secretaries and granted permission to Election Commission chief Dinesh Thapaliya to observe elections in India.

Furthermore, the government has accepted a concessional loan of $100 million from the World Bank, equivalent to around 13 to 33 crore rupees, and endorsed a memorandum of understanding between the Supreme Court of Nepal and the Supreme Court of India for judicial cooperation. The memorandum will be signed by the Chief Registrar or Registrar of the Supreme Court.

Other decisions taken include the cancellation of the formation order of the National Information Technology Development Committee 2058 and the approval of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal and Spain, establishing a bilateral consultation mechanism. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has been authorized to sign the counterpart agreement.

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