British Government Expels Russian Defense Aide Over Espionage Charges

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Kathmandu, May 9: In a significant move, the British government announced on Wednesday the dismissal of a Russian defense aide on allegations of espionage. The Home Secretary’s office revealed that the measures introduced this week aimed to convey a stern message to Russia, involving the removal of diplomatic compound status from Russian assets within the country and the imposition of fresh restrictions on their diplomatic visas.

Home Secretary James Cleverley emphasized the intention behind these actions, stating they were designed to serve as a robust deterrent against Russian interference and to curtail the ability of Russian intelligence services to undermine British interests. Cleverley affirmed the government’s unwavering stance against the Russian threat to Britain’s security and way of life.

Furthermore, the government has summoned the Russian ambassador to the UK to elucidate the rationale behind these measures and reiterated its firm stance that Russia’s hostile actions would not be tolerated. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak underscored the paramount importance of national security, affirming his commitment to safeguarding the safety of British citizens and allies.

The expulsion of the Russian defense aide comes after the Home Office identified him as an “undeclared military intelligence officer,” believed to have been engaged in activities serving “intelligence purposes.” In addition to the expulsion, new restrictions on Russian diplomatic visas in the UK have been imposed, including limitations on the duration of stay for Russian diplomats, aimed at bolstering security measures within the country.

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