Fatal Fires Claim 19 Lives in Madhesh Province Over 10 Months

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Janakpurdham, May 9: In a concerning trend, Madhesh Province has witnessed a tragic toll of 19 premature deaths due to fires in the past 10 months. The Madhesh Police Office in Janakpurdham reported that since July of the current fiscal year 2080-81, 19 individuals, including 12 women, have lost their lives in fire-related incidents.

Additionally, 139 people, including 15 children, sustained injuries in these fires. The casualties were distributed across various districts, with six deaths in Dhanusha, five in Siraha, three in Rautahat, and two in Bara, while one fatality each occurred in Parsa, Mahottari, and Sarlahi.

Tragically, the fires also claimed the lives of 296 animals, while 140 animals suffered injuries. Superintendent of Police Suwachandra Bohora, serving as the spokesperson, revealed that a staggering total of 1,100 houses were destroyed by fire, with 1,266 fire incidents recorded across eight districts of Madhesh Province.

Among the affected houses, 669 were mud houses, 88 were concrete structures, and 253 were sheds. The data highlights that Siraha experienced the highest number of fire incidents at 229, while Sarlahi recorded the lowest at 111. Significant property damage amounting to Rs 996 million 37 thousand was reported in these incidents.

Bohora attributed the causes of the fires to factors such as intense sunlight, heat, hot air, water scarcity, overcrowding, lack of awareness, and negligence. He urged the public to exercise caution and remain vigilant against fire hazards. Relief assistance for fire victims is being provided by both government and non-governmental organizations, aiming to alleviate the suffering of those affected by these tragic incidents.

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