India Withdraws Troops from Maldives Ahead of Deadline

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Kathmandu, May 10: India has completed the withdrawal of all its troops from the Maldives, meeting President Mohammad Muizzoo’s deadline of May 10. President Muizzoo, perceived as pro-China, had pledged during his election campaign to send back 90 Indian soldiers stationed in the Maldives.

According to Hina Waleed, Chief Spokesperson of the President’s Office, the final batch of Indian troops has been repatriated. These troops were deployed for the operation and maintenance of two helicopters and a Dornier aircraft gifted by India.

Earlier this week, the Maldives government had announced the return of 51 soldiers to India, reducing the total number of Indian troops stationed in the Maldives from 89 to zero. The operation of the three aviation platforms will now be handled by technical staff.

The demand for troop withdrawal had strained relations between India and the Maldives, given the latter’s significance as a major maritime neighbor in the Indian Ocean for India.

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