Struggle Over Inquiry Committee Stalls Federal Parliament

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Kathmandu, May 10: The Federal Parliament’s annual session kicked off with a rocky start as the ruling party and the opposition clashed over forming a committee to investigate financial misconduct in cooperatives. This disagreement derailed the agendas of both houses.

The Parliament’s primary responsibility during the Budget Session is to discuss and approve the government’s policies, programs, and budget. However, the debate over whether to establish a parliamentary inquiry committee on cooperative issues took center stage, overshadowing other pressing matters like recent fires, environmental concerns, project progress, government spending, water shortages, and disaster preparedness.

The MPs from both sides need to meet regularly to address these issues. However, the ongoing deadlock has hindered constructive discussions, leading to frustration among the public and within the parliamentary system itself.

During the National Assembly’s first meeting, leaders from the ruling CPN (UML) and the main opposition Nepali Congress emphasized the need to prioritize people’s concerns.

The opposition, led by the Nepali Congress, has been demanding the formation of an inquiry committee, alleging involvement of the Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister in cooperative irregularities.

Efforts to resolve the deadlock, including consultations between Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘Prachanda’, Speaker Devraj Ghimire, and other party leaders, have so far been unsuccessful.

Despite attempts to address the opposition’s demands, the winter session concluded without adequate discussion on bills due to persistent obstruction over the cooperative issue.

The stalemate underscores the importance of resolving disputes to ensure the effective functioning of the Federal Parliament and address the pressing issues facing the nation.

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