US Extends $400 Million Military Aid to Ukraine Amid Ongoing Conflict with Russia

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Kathmandu. May 11: The war between Russia and Ukraine has stretched on for over 26 months with no end in sight. In a show of support, the US has announced a $400 million military aid package for Ukraine, marking the third such aid package since the passing of the National Security Supplement Bill.

This assistance is crucial for Ukraine as it faces increasing pressure from Russia. The aid includes Patriot air defense weapons and Stinger anti-aircraft missiles, essential for defending Ukrainian airspace and cities.

In addition to this latest aid package, the US has pledged a total of $61 billion in aid to Kiev. The $400 million package also includes high-mobility artillery rocket systems and various artillery rounds vital for countering Russian attacks.

Moreover, the US is supplying Javelin missiles, Bradley infantry fighting vehicles, M113 armored personnel carriers, patrol boats, and conventional small arms ammunition to Ukraine. This support comes after months of negotiations in parliament over new aid for Ukraine.

US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has announced a $6 billion package for Ukraine, with the condition that Kiev purchases equipment from the Defense Industrial Base before receiving the supplies.

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