Delhi Police Crack Murder Mystery of Senior Doctor: Involvement of Long-time Domestic Worker Unveiled

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Kathmandu, May 13: The Delhi Police has unveiled the mystery behind the murder of 65-year-old senior doctor Yogesh Chandra Pal in the Jangpura area of Delhi. Shockingly, the main culprit behind the murder has been identified as a woman who had served as a domestic worker in the doctor’s household for 24 years.

According to South East DCP Rajesh Dev, the incident occurred on May 10, when Dr. Yogesh was found murdered in his home, with signs of robbery evident. Investigations revealed that he was followed home by several individuals, including the main planner, Basanti, his long-time domestic worker.

The police discovered that four Nepali citizens were involved in the crime, suspected to have fled from India. Basanti, along with her friend Varsha and another individual named Bishwaroop Sai, orchestrated the plan. They enlisted the help of priest Himanshu Joshi and his brother Akash Joshi, along with three additional Nepali citizens.

The group executed the murder and robbery on May 10, looting cash and gold from the doctor’s residence before fleeing the scene. Basanti, Himanshu, and Akash have been apprehended, while efforts are underway to arrest the remaining suspects.

Despite the doctor couple’s failure to provide police verification for Basanti, the police managed to track down the culprits with the help of CCTV footage. The investigation is ongoing, with authorities committed to bringing all involved parties to justice.

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