Sri Lankan Investigators Confirm 17 Citizens Killed as Mercenaries in Ukraine War

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Kathmandu, May 13: Sri Lankan authorities have confirmed that at least 17 of its citizens were killed while fighting as mercenaries in the Ukraine war. The government initiated an investigation following reports that several Sri Lankans, including former soldiers, were involved in the conflict.

According to Sri Lankan police, eight ex-soldiers have been reported dead in the war so far. Investigations reveal that many of these individuals were initially lured by human traffickers with promises of high wages and other incentives, only to be coerced into joining the conflict.

Most Sri Lankans fighting in the war are believed to be aligned with Russia, although approximately one-third are reportedly supporting Ukraine. Two individuals, including a retired general, have been arrested on charges of human trafficking in connection with this issue.

Additionally, reports suggest that citizens from Nepal and India have also participated in the Ukraine war, predominantly on behalf of Russia. Indian investigative agencies have made several arrests in connection with this matter.

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