Virat Kohli Reveals Plans for Retirement and Long Break from Cricket

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Kathmandu, May 16: Virat Kohli, the star player of the Indian cricket team and current player for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) in the Indian Premier League (IPL), has revealed his plans to retire from cricket. Kohli mentioned that he plans to take a long break before officially retiring.

As the Indian team prepares for the T20 World Cup starting in June, much of their success will depend on Kohli’s performance. His announcement has stirred fans and brought attention to his future in the sport.

Ahead of a crucial match against Chennai Super Kings on May 18, which RCB must win to stay in the playoff race, Kohli was asked about his retirement plans at RCB’s Royal Gala Dinner in Bengaluru.

The 35-year-old Kohli stated, “It’s very simple, I think that’s the end of our career as a player. I don’t want to end my career thinking, ‘Now what about the special day?'” He emphasized his desire to leave the sport with no regrets, saying, “I can’t keep going at a steady pace all the time. Therefore, I will not leave any work unfinished, nor do I want to regret it.”

Kohli hinted at taking a significant break before retiring, saying, “After my work (cricket tour) I will leave, you will not see me (smiling) for some time.” He reiterated his commitment to giving his best while he continues to play.

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