China Conducts Large-Scale Military Exercises Encircling Taiwan Following Election of Anti-Chinese Leader

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Kathmandu, May 23: Three days ago, following the swearing-in of anti-Chinese leader William Lai Ching-te as President of Taiwan, China has initiated extensive military exercises aimed at encircling Taiwan from all directions. This marks the first time China has conducted such a comprehensive military maneuver against Taiwan, having previously only imposed economic sanctions.

In the lead-up to Taiwan’s presidential election in January, China labeled Lai Ching-te as a separatist candidate. Despite these threats, Lai secured victory, prompting China’s current military response. The exercise involves Chinese warplanes and numerous naval vessels.

According to China’s Xinhua news agency, the Eastern Theater Command of the Chinese military is spearheading the operation, named ‘Joint Sword-2024A.’ The exercises are taking place around Taiwan and the Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu, and Dongyin Islands.

Taiwan’s newly appointed President Lai Ching-te has called on China to cease its military activities, urging for peace and stability in the region. Lai affirmed Taiwan’s sovereignty over the practiced islands and stated that the Taiwanese military is on high alert to ensure regional peace.

In his inaugural address, Lai declared Taiwan as an independent nation, resolute in upholding its sovereignty, democracy, and freedom. The following day, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi responded critically, accusing President Lai and his allies of betraying both the country and its ancestors.

This escalation follows a similar incident in August last year when soldiers of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) conducted training exercises simulating an attack on Taiwan.

The US severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan in 1979 in favor of establishing ties with China. Despite China’s objections, the US continues to supply arms to Taiwan and has long supported a one-China policy while maintaining an ambiguous stance on the Taiwan issue.

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