Record Temperatures Soar in India and Pakistan

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Kathmandu, May 26: Most parts of India are currently experiencing extreme heat, with temperatures reaching unprecedented highs. On Saturday, the temperature in Phalodi, Rajasthan, soared to a scorching 50 degrees Celsius, according to the Jaipur Meteorological Center.

Similarly, several regions in Pakistan are also facing severe heat, with temperatures in some areas hitting 50 degrees Celsius.

In Rajasthan, Barmer recorded a temperature of 48.8 degrees Celsius, while Jaisalmer reached 48.0 degrees Celsius. Phalodi was the hottest city in India on Saturday.

The Indian Meteorological Department has issued warnings about intense heat waves expected in many parts of North India, including Punjab and Haryana, in the coming days.

Pakistan is also grappling with extreme heat, even though it has not yet reached the peak of summer. The heat has been so severe that schools were closed earlier this week. Authorities have instructed people to minimize sun exposure to avoid heat-related illnesses.

In Sindh province’s Jacobabad, Dr. Ghulam Mohammad reported that the administration has set up a heat stroke prevention camp. “We have established a heat stroke camp. 10 to 12 patients with various symptoms come daily. Some complain of pain, while others have fever. We are immediately admitting and treating them,” he said.

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