Schools Closed Due to Extreme Heat in Three Municipalities

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Bardia, May 27: In response to extreme heat conditions, three municipalities in Bardiya—Badhaiyatal Rural Municipality, Gularia, and Madhuvan—have decided to close schools from June 16th to 18th. Shatish Yadav, the Head of the Education Branch of Gularia Municipality, announced the closure after receiving numerous complaints from parents, students, and teachers about the uncomfortable study environment. The Municipal Education Committee decided to halt classes for three days, adjusting the academic calendar to deduct these days from future vacations, ensuring administrative work continues uninterrupted.

Additionally, Tuesday, June 18th, coincides with Republic Day, a public holiday, which will also be observed. Khagendra Prasad Khanal, the education supervisor of Madhuvan Municipality, mentioned that if the weather conditions improve, regular classes could potentially resume earlier.

The extreme heat has also led to an increased number of patients at the district hospital and other medical facilities. Dr. Subas Pandey, Medical Superintendent of the District Hospital, reported a shortage of beds due to the surge in patients. The heat has caused a rise in illnesses such as heatstroke (“loo”), diarrhea, and various skin diseases. Dr. Pandey advised extra caution for children, who are particularly susceptible to heat-related conditions like rashes, sores, and infections.

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