Meteorological Department Issues Heat Wave Warning Across the Country

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Kathmandu, May 31: The Meteorological Department has issued a cautionary notice to the public due to ongoing heat waves across various regions of the country. For the past few days, temperatures have soared to 40 degrees Celsius or higher in some areas of the Terai region, particularly in the Far West and Lumbini regions.

Based on recent temperature analyses, the department warns that extreme heat conditions are expected to persist in the Terai areas over the next few days. Additionally, there is a potential for hot air and heat waves in these regions for the next two days, prompting the department to advise people to take necessary precautions to mitigate health risks.

To safeguard against the adverse effects of hot air and heat waves, the department recommends the following measures:

1. **Stay Indoors**: Remain in cool indoor environments during peak heat hours.
2. **Limit Outdoor Activities**: Avoid going outside as much as possible during the hot season.
3. **Wear Light Clothing**: Opt for lightweight, cotton clothes to stay cool.
4. **Protect Your Head**: Use hats or head coverings when stepping out.
5. **Stay Hydrated**: Drink plenty of water and soft drinks like juices.
6. **Seek Medical Advice**: Stay in regular contact with healthcare providers for advice and suggestions, especially if you experience health issues.

Symptoms of heat-related illnesses include fatigue, weakness, excessive thirst, headache, leg cramps, dizziness, fainting, muscle pain, and vomiting. The department urges everyone to be vigilant and follow these guidelines to prevent heat-related health problems.

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