23rd Annual General Meeting and National Convention organized by Newah Organization of America

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Washington DC, June 10: The Newah Organization of America (NOA) successfully hosted its 23rd Annual General Meeting and National Convention at Eastern Middle School in Silver Spring, Maryland, on May 25, 2024. The event featured Chief Guest Mr. Yugraj Pandey, Economic Consular of the Nepal Embassy; Keynote Speaker Dr. Subash Ram Prajapati, an Ethnomusicologist; NOA President Mr. Mahindra Pradhan; and Guest Speaker Mr. Shyam Manandhar, past president of Shankerdhar Sakwa Pratisthan. The theme of the convention was “Preserving Heritage, Celebrating Harmony: A Melodic Journey through Newah Music.” The gathering brought together community members, scholars, and dignitaries for a day of sharing NOA’s activities, recognizing achievers, enjoying cultural performances, and engaging in insightful discussions.

The event began with the arrival and registration of guests. Ms. Ramita Shrestha helped ensure a smooth registration process and warmly welcomed attendees, who were then treated to Samaya Baji, a traditional Newah cuisine. This initial session provided an excellent opportunity for attendees to socialize and network.

The formal ceremony commenced with the Master of Ceremonies, Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel, and Ms. Mila Shrestha, setting a respectful and engaging tone. A vibrant musical procession featured performances by Mr. Jayambu Ranjit, Mr. Aditya Shakya, Ms. Lujala Ranjit, Mr. Divakar Dhaubhadel, Mr. Aryan Khadgi, and Mr. Jim Shrestha, creating an atmosphere of cultural pride and celebration.

Pancha Kanyas, five kids from Newah organization of America’s learning center (NOALC), welcomed the chief guest and keynote speaker with flowers. NOA President Mr. Mahindra Pradhan also welcomed the chief guest, keynote speaker, and guest speaker. The event honored past presidents and leaders of various Newah organizations, including Mr. Season Shrestha, past president of NOA and World Newah Organization; Mr. Manohar Lal Shrestha, President NPPA, and Mr. Baikuntha Man Shrestha, past president of Nepa Community, for their invaluable contributions to the community.

Ms. Sunita Shrestha, Ms. Chhaya Malla Pradhan, and Ms. Roseeta Shrestha distributed Khada and badges to honor the distinguished guests on the dais.

Assisted by Ms. Haribaba Kayasta and Ms. Meeli Amatya, the ceremonial Twarba lighting with Sukunda marked the auspicious beginning of the event, followed by the US National Anthem and Nepali National Anthem sung by NOALC students. Mr. Sugandha Shrestha sang a Newah Jagaran song to motivate the attendees.
Mr. Rajesh Lal Shrestha, the first Vice President, delivered welcome speech. Ms. Babita Shrestha, the general secretary, presented NOA’s annual report and shared upcoming plans. Mr. Markendaya Pradhan shared the annual financial report. Mr. Rajesh Shrestha, JSB Scholarship program coordinator and past president, presented the JSB scholarship program report and encouraged sponsorship for education. NOA’s chapters coordinator and past president Mr. Ram Lal Shrestha shared a brief update on NOA’s chapters activities.

New Life Members were appreciated with certificates, with about eighteen new life members joining NOA this program year. Ten graduate students were honored with certificates and medals for their academic achievements.
NOA recognized the untiring support of past president Mr. Rajesh Shrestha and for his creative initiative of the scholarship program, which has been running smoothly for the past nine years. NOA honored him with a plaque and certificate.

Editor-in-Chief Mr. Udaya Shrestha introduced the digital version of Laskus Magazine, emphasizing its purpose to reach a wider audience through digitalization. Laskus magazine was premiered at the convention, and the audience logged in via QR code at the time of premiered. NOA’s technical lead Mr. Rabi Shakya assisted with the premier. Digital LUSKUS is available to access at https://www.newah.org/laskus-2024/ .

Mr. Shyam Manandhar, the guest speaker, expressed gratitude to NOA for its community contributions and shared insights on cultural preservation. Dr. Subhash Ram Prajapati, the keynote speaker, talked about the history and significance of Newah music and culture, linking it to the theme “Preserving Heritage, Celebrating Harmony: A Melodic Journey through Newah Music.” Chief Guest Mr. Yugraj Pandey emphasized the importance of maintaining traditions and cultural pride even while living abroad. NOA President Mr. Mahindra Pradhan thanked the founders and honored the keynote speaker with a plaque and honorary life member certificate.

NOA’s secretary Mr. Navin Mohan Ranjit gave a vote of thanks to everyone present at the event, business houses for their continued support, THV and other media houses for helping NOA stay connected with a wider audience, and volunteers, performers and participants for their unconditional love and support.

The second part of the formal session started with a presentation from the keynote speaker Dr. Subhash Ram Prajapati, focusing on the theme and exploring the cultural and musical heritage of the Newah community. The audiences were captivated by how Newah music contributes to preserving heritage.

In an engaging and insightful panel discussion, Dr. Roshan Lal Shrestha spearheaded the event, meticulously conceptualizing and organizing the session. Dr. Shrestha was instrumental in developing the ideas, selecting esteemed panelists, and preparing thought-provoking questions that guided the discussion.

The panel, expertly moderated by Mr. Anil Ranjit, featured distinguished speakers including Dr. Subhash Ram Prajapati ( Enthnomusicologist and Language and Cultural Researcher), Mr. Yagya Man Shakya (Renowned Choreographer and Dancer), Mr. Puskar Prajapati (Musician, Writer, and Language & Culture Researcher), and Ms. Lochani Shakya (Young Dancer and Choreographer). Each panelist shared their unique perspectives and deep insights on the crucial topic of preserving Newah heritage through music and culture.

This event underscored the importance of cultural preservation and fostered a rich dialogue on how to maintain and celebrate Newah traditions in contemporary society.

The third session of the program was the cultural program which showcased a series of dance and song performances that entertained and engaged the audience, highlighting the rich cultural traditions of the Newah community. The duo Ms. Rama Maharjan Shakya and Mr. Sugandha Shrestha led cultural program and organization. The program captivated the audience and was highly appreciated.


The 23rd Annual General Meeting and National Convention of the Newah Organization of America was a resounding success, bringing together the community to celebrate and preserve their rich cultural heritage. The event honored past achievements and laid the groundwork for future initiatives in cultural preservation and community building.


NOA extends its heartfelt thanks to all attendees, volunteers, and sponsors for their support and participation. For more information and updates on future events, please visit www.newah.org and follow us on Facebook. Please feel free to reach us at noa2001USA@gmail.com.


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