Former Chinese Navy Officer Enters Taiwan Waters Amid Rising Tensions

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Kathmandu, Jun 12: A former Chinese navy officer entered Taiwan’s territorial waters on Sunday, driving his speedboat to a pier near Taipei. The incident has sparked strong criticism from Taiwan’s top politicians, emphasizing the ongoing tensions and heightened security measures between Taiwan and China.

The intruder, who identified himself as Ruan, was intercepted by the Taiwan Coast Guard after colliding with a boat upon entering the Tamsui River near Taipei. Ruan stated that he began his journey to Taiwan from Fuzhou, China, a day earlier. No suspicious items were found on his speedboat.

According to Ruan, he fled China to escape persecution by Chinese authorities for making “inappropriate statements.” Despite his claims, he faces accusations of violating several Taiwanese laws, including immigration regulations.

Taiwan’s Defense Minister Wellington Kuo has not ruled out the possibility of a Chinese strategy behind this infiltration. Taipei Mayor Hou Yu-yi labeled the incident a serious security breach, noting the pier’s proximity—just a 10-minute walk—to downtown Taipei.

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