Gandaki Government Drops Feasibility Studies for Five Tunnel Projects in New Fiscal Year

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Gandaki, Jun 14: The Government of Gandaki Province announced the study of the feasibility of five tunnel routes in its policy and program for the current fiscal year 2080/81 but has not included these projects in the policy and program for the next fiscal year 2081/82. In Tuesday’s public policy and program presentation, there was no mention of these tunnel projects.

This year, the state government had proposed feasibility studies for tunnels in the following locations:
1. From Bhimad in Tanahun to Dedhagaon in Nawalpur
2. Dedhagaon to Jhyalbas
3. From Bihun to Narethanti in Baglung
4. From Dana in Myagdi to Ghasa in Mustang
5. From Shitalpati to Nalfafendi in Lamjung

However, with the feasibility study not progressing by the end of the year, the provincial government has decided to remove these projects from the upcoming year’s policy and program. The feasibility study of the Bihun-Narethanti tunnel in Baglung had even received a budget allocation from the federal government but saw no implementation.

Dr. Krishnachandra Devkota, Vice Chairman of the Policy and Planning Commission of the state government, explained that the inclusion of the tunnel in last year’s policy meant it was not included again this year. “The state government is planning to carry out a detailed feasibility study of the tunnel in cooperation with development partners,” he stated. He emphasized that the resources of the state government alone are insufficient to implement the tunnel projects and that federal government and development partner support are necessary.

Last year, the Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport allocated funds for the feasibility study. However, Devendra Poudel, a member of the House of Representatives elected from Baglung-2, revealed that the allocated budget was “frozen” due to the lack of progress in the study. He highlighted the potential benefits of the Bihun-Narethanti tunnel, which would significantly reduce travel time and boost economic and social development in the area.

Further, the Hemza-Nyanpul tunnel in Kaski, a priority project of the federal government, also did not progress to a detailed feasibility study. This tunnel is projected to reduce the travel distance between Hemza and Nyanpul from 40 km to 7-8 km, connecting the provincial capital Pokhara with Parbat and all four districts of Dhaulagiri.

The federal government had allocated Rs 1.5 million for the study of the Hemza-Nyanpul tunnel last year, and a consultant company has been selected for this study. The state follows the federal policy of constructing tunnels in hilly terrains with winding roads. The Road Department is working on the construction and feasibility study of tunnels under the ‘Tunnel Development Program’.

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