Monsoon to Become Active in Kathmandu Valley and Bagmati Province from Saturday

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Kathmandu, Jun 14: The Department of Water and Meteorology has announced that the monsoon will become active from Saturday in parts of Bagmati Province, including the Kathmandu Valley. While the eastern region of the country, particularly Koshi Province, has already started experiencing monsoon rains, other parts of Nepal are still awaiting the full onset of the monsoon.

Saroj Pudasaini, a meteorologist with the department, explained that the monsoon system is currently influencing the eastern part of the country. Meanwhile, the rest of the regions are affected by local and westerly winds and a low-pressure area around Bihar in India.

“The monsoon has significantly impacted most areas of Koshi Province. Typically, the monsoon reaches the western part of Nepal about a week after it begins in the east. However, due to the partial effect of the low-pressure area around Bihar in India, it has taken longer for the monsoon to become active in the west,” Pudasaini said.

According to the division, today’s weather is generally cloudy in some areas of Koshi Province, partly to mostly cloudy in the hilly regions of Madhes and Bagmati provinces, and partly cloudy to mostly clear in the rest of the country. Light rain with thunder and lightning is expected in a few places in Koshi Province and one or two places in the hilly areas of Bagmati Province.

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