Manakamana Cable Car to Close for 50 Days for Digital System Upgrade

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Kathmandu, Jun 16: Nepal’s first cable car, the Manakamana Cable Car, is set to close for approximately 50 days starting June 31. The closure is necessary for upgrading its digital system and replacing the main cable wire, according to an announcement by Manakamana Darshan Pvt Ltd.

Ujjwal Sherchan, Deputy General Manager of Manakamana Darshan Pvt Ltd, stated that the current ‘analog’ technology of the cable car will be upgraded to the latest digital technology using fiber. This significant upgrade aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of the cable car service.

In addition to the digital system upgrade, the main wire, which has been in use since the cable car’s inception 26 years ago, will also be replaced. Skilled technicians from the Australian company Doppelmayr will be responsible for carrying out the upgrading work, ensuring that the system meets modern standards.

The Manakamana Cable Car has been operational since November 8, 1998, facilitating the pilgrimage to the renowned Manakamana Temple located in the Sahid Lakhan Rural Municipality of Gorkha.

Despite the closure of the cable car service, Manakamana Darshan Pvt Ltd has assured that the restaurant service at the entrance (bottom station) of the cable car located at Ichchakamana-4 Kurintar (Chares) in Chitwan will remain open to serve visitors.

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