Monsoon Expected to Spread Across Nepal by Sunday

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Kathmandu, Jun 20: The Weather Forecast Division under the Department of Water and Meteorology has announced that the monsoon is likely to spread across the entire country by next Sunday. Pratima Manandhar, a meteorologist with the division, stated that as of today, the monsoon has reached the Lumbini region after entering Nepal through the eastern part of the country.

Typically, the monsoon arrives in Nepal on June 13, but this year it began entering from the eastern region on June 10. Manandhar explained that the delay in the monsoon spreading to the far-western and western regions of the country is due to the influence of western winds.

“Monsoon has started in Nepal for 10 days, but it has not yet reached the western and far-western regions,” said Manandhar. She added that the risk of heat waves will gradually diminish once the monsoon spreads throughout the country.

Currently, the eastern part of Nepal is under the influence of the monsoon system, while the rest of the country is experiencing partial effects from local winds and a low-pressure area around Bihar in India. The division has advised caution, warning of potential heavy rains in some areas of Koshi and Gandaki provinces until next Saturday.

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