President Putin Warns South Korea Against Arming Ukraine

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Kathmandu, Jun 21: Russian President Vladimir Putin has issued a stern warning to South Korea regarding its potential decision to provide weapons to Ukraine in its ongoing war against Russia.

Putin stated that South Korea would be making a significant mistake by supplying arms to Ukraine. This comment comes in response to South Korea’s consideration of an arms deal with Ukraine, especially in light of a new agreement between Russia and North Korea, which involves mutual support in the event of war.

South Korea has expressed opposition to the Russia-North Korea agreement, viewing it as a national security threat. In response, National Security Adviser Chang Ho-jin mentioned that South Korea is contemplating the provision of weapons to Ukraine.

“If South Korea decides to supply arms to Ukraine, the current South Korean leadership will not be happy with Russia’s decision,” Putin told reporters in Vietnam on Thursday.

Following Putin’s remarks, the South Korean presidential office indicated that it would evaluate “various options” regarding arms supplies to Ukraine. The stance of South Korea will depend significantly on Russia’s perspective on the matter.

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