Philippines Stakes Claim to Continental Shelf in South China Sea Amid Rising Tensions with China

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Kathmandu, Jun 16: The Philippines has formally asserted its claim to a significant portion of the continental shelf in the South China Sea, escalating ongoing disputes with China in the region.

According to the Philippine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the claim has been officially registered with the United Nations. This move aims to secure exclusive rights over the expansive continental shelf and exploit its natural resources.

China has been asserting sovereignty over most of the South China Sea, which has led to numerous conflicts and disputes with other countries in the region, including the Philippines.

Recently, China implemented new regulations empowering its coast guard to detain alleged “foreign intruders” for up to 60 days without trial if they pass through the disputed area. This development has heightened tensions, as these rules are seen as an attempt to strengthen China’s control over the region.

Additionally, China has transformed several reefs in the South China Sea into artificial islands for military purposes, further complicating the situation. These artificial islands have been a point of contention, leading to frequent disputes with foreign ships navigating through the area.

The Philippines’ formal claim is a significant step in the ongoing territorial disputes, highlighting the country’s efforts to secure its maritime rights and access to natural resources in the contested waters. The situation remains tense as both nations continue to assert their claims over the strategically important and resource-rich South China Sea.

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