Nepal Cricket Captain Rohit Kumar Paudel Acknowledges Batting Weakness in ICC T-20 World Cup

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Kathmandu, Jun 20: Rohit Kumar Paudel, the captain of the Nepali national cricket team, has admitted that the team’s batting performance in the ICC T-20 World Cup has been relatively weak. Speaking at a press conference organized by the Nepal Cricket Association in Kathmandu on Thursday, Captain Paudel highlighted the disparity between Nepal’s strong bowling and its underperforming batting lineup.

Paudel pointed out that the pitch conditions have been a significant factor, preventing batsmen from scoring as freely as expected. He noted that other matches in the ICC T-20 World Cup have also seen lower run totals due to the pitch conditions.

Reflecting on the narrow defeat against South Africa, where Nepal fell short by just one run, Paudel described the loss as particularly painful. He emphasized the need for the Nepali team to gain more experience and advocated for opportunities to play against stronger nations in the future. Additionally, he acknowledged some shortcomings in the team’s fielding.

Despite these challenges, Paudel expressed optimism, stating that participating in the ICC T-20 World Cup provided valuable learning experiences. He remains hopeful that the Nepali team will continue to improve and play better cricket in the future.

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